2023 Korea WiC World Innovation and Invention Competition Gold Medal

2023 Korea WiC World Innovation and Invention Competition Gold Medal

Led by Chairman Chen Wenxian, Chu Lithium Technology is transforming Taiwan's discarded lithium batteries into valuable resources with its environmentally friendly and innovative technology. [Image: Courtesy of Chu Lithium Technology]

Chu Lithium Technology, a shining example of Taiwanese innovation, has emerged as a leader in the field of lithium battery recycling, winning a gold medal in its first-ever participation at the WiC World Invention Competition. Competing against participants from sixteen countries at the 9th WiC World Invention Competition in South Korea in 2023, Chu Lithium Technology's groundbreaking approach to battery recycling captivated the judges, earning them the prestigious top prize. The company's unique and environmentally friendly recycling process and innovative business model have garnered considerable attention.

Under the leadership of Chairman Chen Wenxian, Chu Lithium Technology has spent ten years developing a groundbreaking "enzyme degradation" method for recycling lithium batteries. This environmentally friendly approach is a significant departure from conventional methods. Established in May 2022, Chu Lithium Technology began commercial operations using its proprietary, patented technology to revolutionize the discarded lithium battery recycling industry.

Chairman Chen Wenxian explained that unlike the physical and chemical processes prevalent in the market, Chu Lithium Technology's recycling method employs non-toxic, pollution-free, food-grade enzymes to break down the toxic components of discarded batteries. This process minimizes the release of harmful substances and facilitates the separation of various positive and negative electrode materials, as well as other reusable metals and plastics. The overall recycling efficiency surpasses 90%, recovering over ten different materials, including positive and negative electrode powders, metals, and plastics.

The negative electrode powder, after the first round of recycling, achieves battery-grade purity and can be directly used in battery production. It can also be utilized in applications like boiler fuel, power generation, and as activated carbon for wastewater and air pollution filtration. After its use, it can be further utilized as fuel. The powder can also be processed into carbon nanospheres for carbon emission reduction purposes, effectively absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Its applications are incredibly diverse.

The positive electrode powder, due to the uniqueness of the decomposition process, yields a material with a purity suitable for use in regenerated positive electrode materials. It can also be supplied to refiners for precious metal extraction, enhancing the efficiency of the refining process.

Chu Lithium Technology, a new force in Taiwan's discarded lithium battery recycling industry, is not only increasing recovery rates but also promoting the circular economy through material reuse. Its fully eco-friendly, non-toxic process aligns with the global business community's demand for environmentally friendly practices. This circular economy approach also assists businesses in achieving their ESG goals for energy conservation and carbon reduction.