Graphite Recycling Technology Wins Gold Medal at Archimedes Invention Exhibition

Graphite Recycling Technology Wins Gold Medal at Archimedes Invention Exhibition

Wishes Technology Corporation's graphite recycling technology wins gold at the Archimedes International Invention Exhibition.

2024.03.25 18:29 Business Times Zhang Bingfeng

Chu Li Technology Chairman Chen Wenxian showcases a pouch battery cell made with recycled graphite from their own recycling process combined with new positive electrode materials. [Image provided by Chu Li Technology]

Chu Li Technology Unveils Breakthrough in Lithium Battery Recycling, Wins Gold Medal at Archimedes Invention Exhibition

Chu Li Technology, a leader in battery material recycling technology, has made significant strides in its research and development. The company has successfully developed a method to recycle graphite materials from electric vehicles and energy storage batteries. Their proprietary technology allows for the separation of graphite materials, which are then reintroduced into the battery cell manufacturing process, creating new battery cells. This innovative technology recently received a gold medal at the 27th Archimedes International Invention Exhibition, further solidifying Taiwan's innovation on the global stage.

Chu Li Technology highlights several advantages of their recycled graphite powder:

  • Economic benefits: Due to the limited availability of graphite mines in specific regions, the market price of artificial graphite has increased significantly. Recycling graphite from discarded lithium batteries provides an efficient solution to the material sourcing problem. Chu Li Technology boasts a unique and cost-effective graphite recycling process, helping to reduce the cost of graphite for downstream battery cell manufacturers.

  • Purity: One key challenge in reusing recycled graphite in lithium-ion batteries is achieving high purity. Battery-grade graphite requires a purity of 99.9%. Chu Li Technology's recycled graphite has achieved a purity level of 99%, comparable to new graphite. This has been confirmed through successful battery cell production testing.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Chu Li Technology's graphite recycling process utilizes enzymatic degradation technology, making it entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The entire process minimizes environmental impact, with water resources used in the process being reusable.

Chu Li Technology Chairman, Chen Wenxian, emphasizes that as global demand for recycled materials grows under the drive towards net-zero carbon emissions, the EU has mandated the inclusion of a certain percentage of recycled materials in imported electronic products by 2027. Chu Li Technology's recycled graphite material is well-positioned to meet this demand, reducing production costs and reliance on imported graphite, enhancing the competitiveness of domestic lithium battery cell manufacturers.

Beyond their breakthrough in negative electrode graphite recycling, Chu Li Technology has also made significant progress in recycling positive electrode materials, achieving a recovery rate of over 3%. The company is currently arranging for the production of battery cells using both recycled positive and negative electrode materials and conducting electrical performance testing.

Chen Wenxian emphasizes that Chu Li Technology's successful recycling of positive and negative electrode materials will significantly enhance the competitiveness of battery material suppliers and battery cell manufacturers. Suppliers can obtain recycled materials without impurities, reducing purification costs, while the separation of positive and negative electrode materials reduces production costs for battery cell manufacturers. This also aligns with the strategic goal of keeping these critical materials within Taiwan.