Wishes Technology Corporation wins gold medal at Malaysian Invention Exhibition

Wishes Technology Corporation wins gold medal at Malaysian Invention Exhibition

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Chu Lithium Technology's discarded lithium battery recycling technology continues to receive international acclaim, earning another gold medal at an invention exhibition. Following its gold medal win at the WiC World Invention Competition in Korea, Chu Lithium Technology has once again been recognized for its proprietary discarded lithium battery recycling technology. This time, the company took home a gold medal in the "Environment and Natural Resources" category at the 2023 MTE SDG Sustainable Development Goals International Invention Exhibition, hosted by the Malaysian government. This latest recognition further solidifies the company's innovative approach to battery recycling.

Chu Lithium Technology's patented discarded lithium battery recycling technology has achieved world-leading standards. As reported in a October 20, 2023, article on the "Science and Technology Network," ACE Green Recycling has signed a research agreement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in the United States to extract valuable materials – lithium and graphite – from discarded LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. Chu Lithium Technology already possesses this capability and has achieved mass production readiness for its technology.

In this latest competition, Chu Lithium Technology not only showcased its innovative discarded lithium battery recycling technology but also incorporated its wastewater recycling technology, further enhancing the process and creating a more comprehensive solution. The company highlights that its wastewater recycling technology enables 100% recovery and reuse of water generated during the battery recycling process, leading to efficient water resource utilization and significant savings in industrial water consumption. Through this, Chu Lithium Technology is actively contributing to environmental protection.

Overall, Chu Lithium Technology is emerging as a global leader in discarded lithium battery recycling, demonstrating its commitment to sustainable practices and technological innovation. The company's continuous success in international competitions and its focus on developing a complete and environmentally friendly recycling process position it as a key player in the growing lithium-ion battery recycling industry.


●Led by Chairman Chen Wenxian, Chu Lithium Technology is spearheading the industry's transition towards net-zero sustainability with its proprietary, fully non-toxic and pollution-free lithium battery recycling and regeneration technology. [Image: Courtesy of the company]

Chu Lithium Technology emphasizes that its discarded lithium battery recycling technology is not only completely non-toxic and pollution-free but also enhances the value of recovered materials and significantly reduces wastewater treatment costs associated with the recycling process. The company further transforms byproducts from wastewater treatment into valuable products.

Chu Lithium Technology Chairman Chen Wenxian stated that the company's unique discarded lithium battery recycling technology has truly achieved "turning waste into gold" and "urban mining." It not only effectively recycles and treats discarded lithium batteries but also contributes to environmental protection by reducing the demand for natural lithium ores, ultimately conserving natural resources. The non-toxic and pollution-free recycling process makes the industry more environmentally friendly, aligning with the global trend of carbon reduction and achieving comprehensive ESG goals.

Currently, Chu Lithium Technology's recycled and regenerated negative electrode powder materials meet the standards for recycled materials and can be directly integrated into the battery production cycle. This will help the battery industry comply with the European Union's requirements for recycled materials in 2027.

2023 marks Chu Lithium Technology's "Year of Technology." The company's production of recycled negative electrode materials is expected to be commercially available in 2024. Chu Lithium Technology is also applying its proprietary technology to positively electrode materials, aiming to directly convert them into recycled materials and becoming a leading supplier of recycled materials for the battery industry.

Source: Commercial Times