Wishes Technology Corporation won 5 international gold medals for waste battery recycling

Wishes Technology Corporation won 5 international gold medals for waste battery recycling

Chu Li Technology Wins 5 Gold Medals at International Invention Exhibitions for Battery Recycling Technology

Taipei, Taiwan - December 13, 2023 - Chu Li Technology has once again demonstrated its prowess in the field of battery recycling, securing five gold medals at prestigious international invention exhibitions. The company's commitment to developing innovative solutions for sustainable battery recycling continues to gain recognition globally.


Chu Li Technology Leads the Way in Sustainable Lithium Battery Recycling

Global Lithium Battery Recycling Technology Comparison

Chu Li Technology, renowned for its innovative waste lithium battery recycling and wastewater reuse technologies, has consistently garnered gold medals at international invention exhibitions. The company recently competed against numerous international participants at the 2023 Hong Kong International Invention Expo and secured its fifth international gold medal.

Amidst the global trend towards net-zero emissions, the surge in demand for lithium batteries for electric vehicles, energy storage, and other green applications has fueled rapid technological advancements and significant new production capacity investments. Consequently, finding efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for recycling waste lithium batteries has become a major concern for global governments, industry, academia, and research institutions.

Chu Li Technology Chairman Chen Wenxian emphasizes that while recycling waste lithium batteries is no longer a question of if but how, existing mainstream technologies in Europe and America have led to environmental challenges like waste acid, air pollution, wastewater, and sludge. However, Taiwan-based Chu Li Technology has developed a revolutionary recycling technology that is not only cost-effective but also completely non-toxic, pollution-free, and produces zero waste, aligning perfectly with ESG principles.

Chen Wenxian explains that a successful waste lithium battery processing method should prioritize speed, volume, and minimizing hazardous material generation. Chu Li Technology's innovative "enzyme degradation" technology is truly non-toxic, pollution-free, and food-grade, ensuring zero toxicity and environmental impact throughout the process. It doesn't generate any waste acid or other waste that requires further processing, representing a significant breakthrough compared to existing mainstream recycling technologies in Europe and America.

In practical operation, the "enzyme degradation" technology aligns with ISO 14064 standards for ESG by transforming waste lithium batteries into raw materials, solving secondary environmental issues through a zero-waste approach. The resulting raw materials can be used to produce various materials like metal oxides, lithium salts, and fire-resistant materials. This zero-waste concept and Chu Li Technology's commitment to environmental sustainability have earned them top prizes at international invention competitions, helping lithium battery manufacturers and users address carbon emissions from waste batteries.

Chu Li Technology aspires to be a leader in environmental sustainability within the lithium battery industry. By offering eco-friendly and non-toxic waste lithium battery recycling solutions, the company demonstrates its commitment to responsibility towards the environment, employees, and shareholders. Most importantly, Chu Li Technology seeks to address carbon emissions for its clients, reducing greenhouse gases and creating a win-win scenario for all.