Wishes wins two more gold medals in the International Innovation and Invention Competition

Wishes wins two more gold medals in the International Innovation and Invention Competition

Chu Li Technology: A One-Stop Solution for Battery Recycling
Following a string of international awards recognizing its innovative battery recycling technology, Chu Li Technology is now focused on expanding its presence within the domestic lithium battery recycling ecosystem, meeting growing market demand. The company offers a comprehensive "one-stop" service, handling everything from collection and transportation to processing and recycling. This end-to-end approach ensures efficient and responsible management of waste lithium batteries, providing a valuable service to businesses and individuals alike.

Chu Li Technology's Chairman Chen Wenxian proudly accepts two gold medals at an international innovation invention competition, recognizing the company's advancements in lithium battery recycling technology. [Image provided by Chu Li Technology]

Chu Li Technology's Battery Recycling Technology Shines Again, Wins Two Gold Medals at International Invention Competition

Chu Li Technology has once again achieved recognition for its innovative battery recycling technology, securing two gold medals at the 14th IIIC International Innovation Invention Competition held in Taipei on December 16th, 2023. The company's waste lithium battery recycling and wastewater reuse technologies were awarded gold among 415 entries from 12 countries. This brings the total number of gold medals earned by Chu Li Technology for its unique lithium battery recycling technology to four this year.

Chu Li Technology Chairman Chen Wenxian emphasized the growing importance of high-quality waste lithium battery recycling as electric vehicles and energy storage equipment become more prevalent. He highlighted the company's unique recycling technology, which sets it apart in the market by handling both small and large battery modules, allowing for the full recovery and reuse of positive and negative electrode materials. Importantly, this process eliminates the need for upstream recycling companies to discharge batteries, reducing risks for non-battery industry players.

Chen Wenxian stressed that environmentally friendly practices are a key aspect of Chu Li Technology's approach. The company's proprietary waste lithium battery and wastewater reuse technologies are entirely non-toxic and environmentally friendly, promoting energy conservation, water conservation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Chen Wenxian further emphasized that Chu Li Technology's one-stop waste lithium battery recycling service addresses the challenges of managing large volumes of retired batteries in the future. By collaborating with major battery manufacturers and transportation companies in Taiwan, Chu Li Technology can acquire valuable materials from waste lithium batteries, keeping strategic resources within Taiwan. This closed-loop economic model for the battery industry reduces reliance on international lithium mining, contributing to global environmental protection.

In light of the EU's requirement for battery products to contain a certain percentage of recycled materials by 2027, Chu Li Technology is proactively enhancing its recycling facilities and implementing new technologies. This includes increasing the purity and value of positive and negative electrode materials. The company is also focused on strengthening its position within the domestic lithium battery recycling ecosystem by building robust sales channels to meet future market demands. These efforts aim to solidify Chu Li Technology's leading position in the lithium battery recycling industry.

Source: Commercial Times (工商時報)