Declaration of waste lithium batteries on behalf of customers

Declaration of waste lithium batteries on behalf of customers

Lithium battery waste declaration service

Waste lithium batteries are a type of hazardous waste. If not handled properly, they can pose serious threats to the environment and human health.

Therefore, according to national laws and environmental regulations, waste lithium batteries must be declared to the relevant authorities and recycled and disposed of through legal channels.

This process can be quite complicated and time-consuming. We offer a convenient and reliable "Lithium battery waste declaration service" to streamline the process.

If you have waste lithium batteries that need to be handled, we have a professional team and equipment to safely collect, transport, and recycle them. We will also handle all the necessary declaration procedures for you.

Simply contact us and tell us the quantity and location of your waste lithium batteries, and we will arrange for a professional to come to your location.

We offer competitive pricing and high-quality service, giving you peace of mind.

Contact us today or fill out the inquiry form on our website to schedule your "Lithium battery waste declaration service" appointment.

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