Business waste lithium batteries

Business waste lithium batteries

Improper handling of used lithium-ion batteries can cause environmental pollution and personal injury. It is recommended to have a qualified waste disposal company handle the recycling and transportation.
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Industrial waste lithium-ion batteries refer to lithium batteries, including lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries, that are generated during business operations and are no longer usable or have been damaged. These batteries contain toxic and hazardous substances, and improper handling can lead to environmental pollution and personal injury.

Therefore, according to《ENWaste Disposal Act》and《ENResource Recycling Act》Industrial waste lithium-ion batteries are considered industrial waste. Recycling and transportation must be handled by a qualified waste disposal company.

Wishes Technology Corporation is a qualified and professional lithium-ion battery recycling and transportation company. We possess advanced equipment and technology to safely and effectively process industrial waste lithium-ion batteries, turning them into reusable resources.

If you have a need for recycling industrial waste lithium-ion batteries, please contact Wishes Technology Corporation. We will provide you with professional services at a reasonable price.

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